Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Living in love

A feeling of overwhelming gratitude to Swami and a sense of oneness with Him washed over me and warmed me to the core. Somehow those words brought home to me Just how much LOVE Swami has brought into my life, transforming my outlook and my interaction with others to such an extent that In some tiny way, people are starting to see Him In me. † Be about My Work, My Beloved Backchat. Your breath will carry the scent of the blossoms of Heaven.Your example will be that of Angels. Your joy will be My Joy. † (Buchanan Sir Asthma SAA Babe) What a breathtaking promise!! It is spectacular but true. As Swami's physical body seems to become smaller and more distant day by day, there is a corresponding exponential growth in His spiritual presence felt in the people around us, be they labeled or unlabelled Sal devotees. More and more we are glimpsing the Divine in the thoughts, words and deeds of those around us.People everywhere seem to be yearning for something more in their lives th an material success, it is as If they are Just walling for the opportunity to serve others and will respond to the call In hordes. Many are not even walling for the opportunity, they are creating their own service projects with a selflessness and zeal which just has SAA written all over it, even if they o not know His physical form.In the same South African newspapers which report unthinkable crime and corruption, we find creeping in regular stories of ‘ordinary people with hearts of gold, reaching out to the orphans, the sick, and the poor masses. The experience at work that I have related above is not unique. I am certain that each and every person on this earth has had or will have at some point, this humbling moment when you have done a small service to someone and yet feel as If you have received a million times more than you gave.That Is the LOVE principle – It has no measure! I am feeling the magic of Swami's Love working in my life more and more each day. Brothe rs and sisters whom I thank for giving me the challenges I need to refine my character. There are no more tragedies, only life experiences which are exactly what I need at that moment. There are no more wrong people, only fellow souls on a journey of discovery. I feel a kinship growing with everyone around me, they are becoming clones of me in different disguises but each with a core of LOVE.How can I ate or despise myself; how can I not give myself a second chance; how can I not accept myself for who they are; how can I not give myself the benefit of the doubt; how can I not appreciate the good in myself; how can I grudge myself the little bit of love they crave; how can I not spare myself a kind thought, word or deed; how can I not reach out to myself when they are in pain and suffering. The feeling that all are myself is guiding me so that more and more I find myself walking in love, talking with love, living in LOVE.

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